Cookie error solution for myCMTN

The maximum cookies error is built into myCMTN, which cannot be changed but clearing cookies or private browsing can resolve this. myCMTN is coded to handle up to a certain number of those cookies and this issue has increased recently.

Solution 1: Clearing Cookies

In all browsers other than Safari, use Ctrl+Shift+Delete. For additional support on clearing cookies in browsers, follow the steps documented here:

Once the cookies are cleared, click Close Window on any new windows that myCMTN creates to keep from reaching the cookie limit again, and always click Log Out to end the session rather than simply closing the original window or tab.

If clearing the cookies does not work, opening a private browsing window will allow myCMTN to open.

Solution 2: Private browsing session

To open a private browsing session on a Windows PC:

  • In Internet Explorer or Firefox, press Control + Shift + P
  • In Chrome, press Control + Shift + N

To open a private browsing session on a Mac: 

  • Safari and Chrome: press Command + Shift + N (or Safari > Private Browsing…)
  • Firefox: press Command + Shift + P

Additional information

Reasons for the myCMTN cookie error may include:

  • Using the browser's back button in myCMTN
  • Opening new windows within myCMTN
  • Linking to myCMTN from somewhere else that contains a TOKEN/cookie value from another user.
  • Clicking on a section to view the details, and hitting the X button to close the pop-up window instead of clicking the OK button.
  • When you logout, click OK button instead of hitting the X button.