Study permits

Depending on your country of origin, study permit processing can take as little as a few weeks or as long as many months. To ensure your international study experience gets off to a smooth start, be sure to apply as early as possible for your Canadian study permit.

There are two methods for applying for your study permit. Review each stream to see which process you are eligible for and what to do if your student visa application is delayed or denied.

You will also require a valid visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada, which will be automatically issued when your study permit is approved. If you plan to travel outside of Canada during the course of your studies, always make sure that you have the proper valid documents to re-enter the country.

For more information visit the Government of Canada website for current study permit requirements.

Important notice for prospective students

Please note, an official acceptance letter and an approved study permit DO NOT guarantee a seat. Successful first-term course registration, supported by the international advising team, is essential for enrollment. DO NOT make travel arrangements until you are registered for your first-term courses

Regular study permit pathway

To apply for a study permit under the regular study permit pathway you need to complete the following:

Processing time:  Varies, within 60 days of application. 

Study Direct Stream

The Study Direct Stream receives priority processing; however, there are additional eligibility requirements. This option is currently only available to specific countries. A list of these countries is maintained on the Government of Canada website.

To apply for a study permit under the Study Direct Stream you need to complete the following:

  • Apply to CMTN for your program of choice. Learn more about our application process for International applicants. To view the Study Direct Stream language requirements please go to the IRCC website
  • CMTN will email you to request the full first-year tuition deposit. The Study Direct Stream first-year tuition deposit is your first-year program fee (depending on your program of choice). $14,000 of the deposit is non-refundable.
  • After your deposit has been received, CMTN will issue you an acceptance letter. You can then apply to the Government of Canada to request your study permit. Visit the Government of Canada – Study Direct Stream page to learn more about the requirements and how to request your permit. As of January 1, 2024, The Study Direct Stream requires that your Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) must amount to $20,635 CAD as proof of ability to self-support upon your arrival in Canada.
  • Once you receive confirmation from the Government of Canada, be sure to inform the CMTN Admissions Office that your study permit has been approved. Email with “Study Permit” as your subject heading and be sure to include your student number.

Processing time:  Priority processing. Will be processed first.

Study permit delays & refusals

In the case that your study permit is denied or there is a delay in processing, you must inform CMTN what to do with your application:

  • If the Government of Canada denies your study permit application, you may request a full refund on your deposit, less an administration processing fee. Refund requests will be administered to the origin of payment and no cheques will be issued. Applicants are required to complete the Refund Request form. Please ensure you read carefully the CMTN Procedures for Payment and Refund Policy.
  • If your permit or travel is delayed, you may choose to defer your application to the next term or intake and your deposit will be held. International students may defer up to three (3) academic terms (the equivalent of one (1) calendar year). Students must notify the college before the beginning of class. Deferrals are subject to program availability and require approval from the Dean and Registrar’s Office. Please ensure you read carefully the CMTN Procedures for Payment and Refund Policy. Please review the Deferral or Refund form and refer to Page 3 of the form to learn how to submit a deferral request.
  • If official documentation is not provided within four (4) months of the program start date the deposit is forfeited and no deferral or refund is available. 

Additional resources

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  • Explore how to stay in Canada following your program with a Post-Graduation Work Permit.
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