International student entrance awards

Coast Mountain College is excited to offer 30 International Student Entrance Awards, valued at $2,200 each, to new International students enrolled in selected programs. Download a copy of the award poster here.


For students beginning studies Fall 2022: 


Deadline to apply: October 15, 2022

Selected programs include:

- Applied Coastal Ecology Diploma and Post-Degree Diploma

- University Credit (Prince Rupert and Terrace campuses)

- Social Service Worker

- Engineering Certificate


The awards will be released in the following enrolled term after the refund deadline. Students who are funded by a government, ministry, or Global Affairs Scholarships are NOT eligible.


Eligibility and Application Criteria:


(1) Eligibility Part 1:

The student must:

- Provide a copy of their official CMTN acceptance letter

- Provide a copy of an approved study permit from IRCC

- Submit a video testimonial (refer to Step 2 under (3) Application Steps below for more information)

- Agree and be willing to commit and contribute to international-related marketing/promotional initiatives lead by the International Marketing Coordinator for 1 full academic year


(2) Eligibility Part 2: 

Upon adjudication of this award, the selected students must:

- Be registered in the subsequent term

- Pass all the first term courses enrolled in

- Be physically studying in Canada by in the following term.

 Eg. If Fall 2022 is your first term, you will need to be physically present in Canada in Winter 2023 (your second term).

- Have a Social Insurance Number to receive the funds


(3) Application Steps:

Step 1: Complete the International Student Entrance Award application - printable version [PDF]

Step 2: Submit a video testimonial

- The testimonial should be no more than 2 minutes in length

- Make sure to have good lighting (your face should be clearly seen) and your voice is clear and audible

- Video contents must include: a self-introduction, (who you are, where you're from, why you chose to study in Canada at Coast Mountain College), your current plan, (how this award will help you in your program/studies), and your future plan, (what do you plan to do after you complete your CMTN program). Tip: Write scripts of what you want to present on paper and practice before recording the video clip.

Step 3: Submit completed application form, video recording, and a copy of the documents noted in Eligibility Part 1. Email these documents and files to by the deadline.


* Important: In the email subject title, please put "ISEA application - Accepted intake, full name, student number" Eg. ISEA Application - Fall 2022, John Smith, 71223


* Note: If a selected student does not meet any of the above criteria, the student will forego the award to the next student in line based on the adjudication committee's decision.



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