The Coast Mountain College Board of Governors, working in concert with the College's Education Council, and according to provincial legislation, represents the people of the northwest region in determining appropriate organizational performance. The Board approaches its task in a manner which emphasizes strategic leadership more than administrative detail, clear distinction of Board and staff roles, future rather than past or present, and pro-activity. Board meetings are September through to June.

Board of Governors meeting schedule

Date Location Meeting or event
August 26, 2022 Smithers campus Board meeting
November 18, 2022 TBA Board meeting
February 3, 2023 TBA Board meeting
 April 14, 2023  TBA Joint Board meeting and FNC meeting
 June 2, 2023  Smithers campus   Board meeting


The regular/public portion of the meeting starts at 8:30 am. Visitors may enter the room when the regular (closed door) portion of the meeting is over (approx. 9:30 am)

Board meetings are typically every six to eight weeks.


Agendas are available 1 week prior to the meeting date.  Board meeting minutes are approved and posted at the next meeting and can be viewed here.




To request an agenda please contact:

Kimberly Quibell
Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors 

Committee meetings

Finance & Audit will meet quarterly, additional meetings to address the audit and budget process will be scheduled as needed.

The Executive Committee will meet prior to every meeting, typically 2 weeks before, and as needed.