Request an enrolment letter

Enrolment letters

An enrolment letter is a document that verifies your enrolment in the institution, your program of study, semester or term, beginning and end date of your program and what year of study you are currently in. 

There is a processing fee of $10 for program extensions or other non-financial purpose enrolment verifications. Letters will not be processed for students who have outstanding debts to the College. To receive an enrolment letter, you can order one through myCMTN or call Enrollment Services 1.877.277.2288 with a credit card. You may also order in person at your local campus. 

See below for more information on enrolment letters requested for financial purposes.

Program extension

If your program is extended and your study permit will expire before the new expected end date, you will need an enrolment letter. 

An Educational Advisor may need to create a new course plan so please be prepared to answer any inquiries quickly so your letter is not delayed. The following information may be required:

  • Your name and student number.
  • Your program name.
  • Scheduled break duration (information available upon request).

The new expected end date will be based on course planning. You will be emailed a copy of your enrolment letter which takes up to seven working days from the day this information is gathered. 

Note* If you are a student who needs support with the Study Permit Extension process, please connect with the International Student Advising Office.

Enrolment letter for other purposes

Other purposes for an enrolment letter may include:

  • Proof of current enrolment
  • Government application processes
  • Employment purposes 

Enrolment letter for financial support

If you are a domestic student looking to apply for financial aid please email the financial aid officer at for more information.