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Associate Degrees

Coast Mountain College offers two-year university-transferable associate degrees in Arts and Science. Associate degrees are valuable employment and education credentials and are equivalent to the first two years of a four-year bachelor degree that, in most cases, transfer directly into the third year of degree programs at BC universities.

Associate of Arts

Associate of Science

Bachelor Degrees

Coast Mountain College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in collaboration with the University of Northern British Columbia, the College of New Caledonia and Northern Health Authority.

Bachelor Degree pathways

Coast Mountain College offers a comprehensive program of University Credit courses that transfer* to universities and colleges in British Columbia. First and second-year courses are available full-time or through selected offerings at our campuses.

Complete your first two years of study at CMTN and customize your course selections to meet the requirements of your desired degree. Or accumulate credits.

Visit the Courses section of our site for a comprehensive list of all UC courses and log-in to myCMTN as a guest to search and view timetables of what currently is being offered.

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees are provincial credentials and the curriculum comprises of two years of university level study in a variety of academic areas. Complete a broad range of courses, balanced with in-depth study in specific disciplines.

Both the Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Science Degree offer flexibility to allow you to plan your educational program and complete the required first and second-year courses of your intended major. An Associate of Arts Degree is a key pathway to Social Services and Humanities Degrees such as English, History, Psychology and Anthropology and an Associate of Science Degree is a key pathway into Biological, Health and Medical degrees.

When you graduate from Coast Mountain College with an Associate Degree you could receive priority admission at some BC universities - SFU and UNBC offer an admission advantage to students who have completed an Associate Degree - and many institutions guarantee 60 transfer credits for the completed associate degree even if all the courses taken towards the degree don't transfer individually to that institution.

*Students who plan to transfer credit to another CMTN program or post-secondary institution should first consult with the institution to determine admission requirements and appropriate university credit electives. For more information about course transferability visit the

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