Employee recognition

Long Service Awards (LSA)

Each year Coast Mountain College celebrates the commitment and loyalty of our employees through the LSAs. Our goal is to recognize significant milestone years of service: 10, 15, 20, 25 and more.

Who is eligible for a long service awards?

Regular continuing employees who meet the minimum service requirement of 10 years or more, in five-year increments.

Calculating years of service

Service is defined as the length of employment with the College, calculated from the initial hire date for regular continuing employees. Once you have reached your milestone you will be included in the LSAs the following year (i.e. if you reach 10 years of service anytime in 2018 you will receive your award at the LSA event in 2019). This ensures all employees who have reached a milestone in the same year are awarded at the same time.


Human Resources will send you an invitation via email or telephone. If you are unable to attend the LSA event, you will receive your certificate and gift in person or via internal mail. Human Resources will notify all staff members with the list of LSA Recipients. 

Retired employees

If you are a recently retired employee and you are eligible for a LSA, Human Resources will contact you. Please ensure Human Resources has your current contact details. 

Any questions?

Please refer to our Service Awards Policy or contact Human Resources