Message from the Interim President

Thank you for choosing to come to Coast Mountain College. We are Canada’s leading College in experiential place-based learning!

Laurie Waye Message from the Interim President

Interim President’s Update 

November 2021

We are now well past the halfway mark of fall semester. I know that this is another unusual semester and that we are still experiencing some changes (e.g. the Federal government indefinitely extending an international student’s ability to study outside of Canada) and challenges (e.g. teaching students who are here, or in other parts of B.C., or elsewhere in Canada, or overseas … all in one class). The plan is to introduce more in-person learning opportunities over the next two semesters. As the CMTN community moves toward its version of a "new normal", I see the interim presidency as a time to focus on three priorities over the coming few months. This is not a change in direction, but a set of three “baskets” in which activities fall. These activities are the tactics that will help keep our strategic plan and strategic enrolment management (SEM) plan moving forward. 


Enhancing our institutional stability is very important right now. As of October 22, our student numbers are at 845 for credit students and 160 for non-credit students, with international students making up about a third of those student numbers. These enrolment numbers are lower than we would like and there are many opportunities we can pursue.  The strategic plan was temporarily put aside as the SEM plan was developed; it’s time to refocus on the strategic plan and reimagine experiential, place-based learning in our new reality. 


In the past, when we reached out to the communities we served to share our knowledge, we were met with engagement, and even excitement. It’s time to start bringing that back and ensure that CMTN is firmly embedded in our communities as a bearer, and sharer, of knowledge. There are many ways to do this and I look forward to hearing your ideas. In early 2022, we will launch the President’s Speaker Series. This free, online, accessible, non-credit learning series will provide community members with the ability to gain insights and knowledge that is applicable to their lives and work. You may have seen another example of reaching out to communities in the Houston News. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Decolonization and Indigenization work goes hand-in-hand with EDI. As was shared earlier this semester, CMTN was the first college in BC to ensure that we met the provincial requirement for our student registration system to provide options to allow students to be identified as they wish to be identified. We were celebrated at the provincial level for this accomplishment. Having the workplace and learning environment value equity, diversity, inclusion is incredibly important. We want you, and all CMTN staff, instructors, and students to work and learn in an environment of respect. Through these efforts we will become a stronger, better institution, with a CMTN community that champions a safe, supportive environment for all. 

I hope the rest of your semester goes smoothly. Thank you, everyone, for showing up each day and doing your part to facilitate the learning of students at CMTN. We all have a role to play.

With thanks,

Laurie Waye, PhD
Interim President and CEO