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Indigenous pedagogy is at the discretion of our faculty members and varies within courses and programs. Faculty may invite First Nations community members into the classroom or take field trips to First Nations communities. Many support and respect First Nations cultural expectations, discuss Indigenous issues and current events, participate in cultural awareness seminars, and endeavour to be sensitive and inclusive in the design and delivery of their courses.

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Indigenous focused programs



First Nations Fine Arts
Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma

Our Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art brings all nations together in the pursuit of higher education, and sets new standards for aspiring artists. It is the only School of its kind in Canada, focusing on traditional First Nations Pacific Northwest Coast art.

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First Nations Specialization
Associate of Arts Degree

Learn about First Nations people from their voices, perspectives and worldviews, while gaining an understanding of the diversity amongst cultures, values, beliefs, traditions, protocols, history, languages, and relationship with the land.

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Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)

Educators are taught to provide quality care and education for children from birth to school-age in our inclusive atmosphere which also includes an Indigenous perspective in all courses.

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Indigenous focused field studies

At Coast Mountain College you study, work and play in one of the most spectacular places on earth. Your classroom is connected to place - to rich cultures, rugged landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Local Indigenous communities guide how we include Indigenous culture and knowledge into the CMTN experience.

In addition to this list, CMTN offers a wide range of field studies that include an Indigenous perspective. Visit our Field Schools page for a complete list and to view upcoming schedules.

Indigenous focused courses

Here you will find examples of courses that have an Indigenous focus. Please note that not all courses are offered at all times. Course offerings vary from year to year and campus to campus. Some courses may be offered by Video Conference. This list is subject to change.

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ACE - Applied Coastal Ecology

  • ACE 134 | Fishes of the Pacific Northwest Rearing

ANTH - Anthropology

  • ANTH 102 | Intro Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 111 | First Nations of Canada
  • ANTH 112 | First Nations of B.C.
  • ANTH 202 | Indigenous Cultures in Transition
  • ANTH 203 | Northern Nations of the Northwest Coast
  • ANTH 205 | Archaeology of Northern British Columbia
  • ANTH 208 | The Indigenous Arts of North America, Oceania and Africa
  • ANTH 209 | The Art of North American First Nations
  • ANTH 212 | Cultural Resource Management
  • ANTH 215 | Archaeology of the Americas
  • ANTH 270 | Traditional Knowledge in Practice

ARTH - Art History

  • ARTH 101 | First Nations Art Pacific NWI
  • ARTH 108 | First Nations Art Pacific II
  • ARTH 201 | Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast
  • ARTH 210 | Northwest Coast Art Museum and Gallery Studies

CRIM - Criminology

  • CRIM 213 | Women and Crime (covers the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls)

ECCE - Early Childhood Care & Education

  • All ECCE courses are experiential in design. They include work with Indigenous children and families, provide relationship building opportunities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and include visits with Elders from local communities. 

ENGL - English

  • ENGL 207 | Introduction to First Nations' Literature in Canada

ETHC - Ethics

FNST - First Nations Studies

  • FNST 050 | Provincial First Nations Studies
  • FNST 101 | Introduction to First Nations Studies
  • FNST 110 | Ethnobotany: Plants & First People
  • FNST 120 | Aboriginal Languages: Preservation and Revitalization
  • FNST 200 | Aboriginal Community Research
  • FNST 210 | Aboriginal Health: Community Wellness and Healing

GEOG - Geography

HIST - History

  • HIST 105 | Canada to the Mid-19th Century
  • HIST 106 | Canada Since Mid-19th Century
  • HIST 209 | A History of Native People of Canada
  • HIST 210 | History of Western Canada

MARK - Marketing

MATH - Math

  • MATH 023 | Fundamental Math 023
  • MATH 024 | Fundamental Math 024
  • MATH 026 | Fundamental Math 026

MGMT - Management

  • MGMT 257 | Recruitment and Selection
  • MGMT 258 | Organizational Training and Development

NURS - Nursing

  • NURS 205 | Intro to First Nations Health 

PADM - Public Administration

  • PADM 200 | Local Government Administration in BC 

SOSC - Social Science

WMST - Women’s Studies

  • WMST 101 | History of Women in Canada
  • WMST 102 | Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WMST 203 | Women’s Health Issues in Canada