Employee workshops

View upcoming workshops for faculty and staff of CMTN. Learn more about training available on-demand, reconciliation tips and Indigenization resources available through the Centre of Learning Transformation (COLT).

Upcoming faculty opportunities

Nahanee Creative On-Demand Course: Territorial Acknowledgements

Self directed on-demand study, (one month enrolment after purchase)
Time: TBD (minimum 4 participants)
Follow up debrief session via BlueJeans

Learn more by visiting Nahanee Creative
Register now: Email kasha@coastmountaincollege.ca

FALL Book Study: First Nations 101: Tons of Stuff You Need to Know updated & expanded ed. (2022) by Lynda Gray; with a visit from the author

Time: Weekly each Wed. from Oct. 5 to Nov. 2, 2022 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Via: BlueJeans
Register now: Email kasha@coastmountaincollege.ca

Jen Greenway: Cultivating Safe Spaces in Education

Cultivating Safe Spaces in Education is a workshop that teaches the 4 Protocols and the 4 Conditions for creating, maintaining and being a safe space, but with tailored portions that focus on decolonizing education and spaces of learning.

The 90-minute format is ideal for individuals who want to get an understanding of what to expect from a full 4-hour CSS workshop. As length is added to the workshop, more time is dedicated to interactive elements and testing Knowledge in a safe space.

Time: Fri., Nov. 18, 2022 10:00 am to 11:30 am 
Via: Zoom 
Register now: Email kasha@coastmountaincollege.ca

WINTER Book study: Wayi Wah! Indigneous Pedagogies: An Act for Reconciliation and Anti-Racist Education (2022) by Jo Chrona

Winter Semester 2023 TBD
Via: BlueJeans
Register now: Email kasha@coastmountaincollege.ca

Learning and Reflection 

Indigenization, Decolonization and Reconciliation Tips

It can be a daunting task to look at Indigenization and not know where to start. Here are some ways to start you on your way to dismantling colonialism.

On-demand faculty training

The following workshops are available on-demand. Please contact Kāshā at kasha@coastmountaincollege.ca to express your interest.

Nahanee Creative On-Demand Courses

Cultural Safety Planning with Nahanee Creative 

Learn more Nahanee Creative

*Unfacilitated option.

Online with intro and debrief sessions. 

Ripple Effect of Resilience: An Indigenous Perspective

With Monique Gray Smith, author, speaker & consultant

Self-directed session that consists of six modules.

Includes group mentoring times with Monique.

Learn more: moniquegraysmith.com/products/the-ripple-effect-of-resilience-book