Are you new to myCMTN?  Follow these steps to access your myCMTN online self-service account.

Step 1

Go to the Coast Mountain College homepage:

Select myCMTN in the header at the top of the page.

myCMTN header

Step 2

From the overview page select the myCMTN button to log in. 

myCMTN login

Step 3

From the bottom right of the page, select I'm New to myCMTN.

I'm new

Step 4

This page will allow you to get your user ID, reset your password, check your email to receive your password and log in. Click ok to proceed.

New to myCMTN

Step 5

Please fill in the required information to receive your myCMTN user ID.

user ID

Step 6

To set your password, select an email address from the dropdown menu to receive the temporary password.
Once you receive the link, please use the temporary password to login, you will be prompted to change it to something personal.

If you experience issues, please contact the Registration office at your campus.

Select email address

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