About COLT

Tracey WoodburnTracey Woodburn
Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching 

250-635-6511 Ext. 5340

Tracey is an advocate for Open Education (OE) and Work-Integrated Learning (WIL). Since coming to Coast Mountain College, she has been able to pursue her passions for these practices though CMTN’s focus on experiential place-based learning.  Coast Mountain College has proved to be an innovative, vibrant learning community. 

Tracey has worked in the field of education for 19+ years in BC, Alberta and Japan. Along with OE and WIL, Tracey has worked extensively on projects promoting Universal Design for Learning (UDL), best practices for both instructional design and emerging technologies, and promotion of media and information literacy.  She has worked on applied research projects in the areas of mobile learning, workplace learning, educational technologies and Open Educational Resources. 

Tracey has collaborated on educational research projects with the Edmonton and Calgary Mennonite Centres for Newcomers, UNESCO, the Canadian Communications Foundation, and the University of Qatar, onsite in Doha, Qatar. She has a Master of Education in Open, Digital and Distance Education from Athabasca University and a BA in International Studies with Japanese from UNBC. 

She is an active participant in provincial and national organizations supporting educational best practices including: The Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) ACE-WIL BC, CEWIL, BC campus Open Education Advisory Board and the Riipen Northern Consortium.

When travel is an option, Tracey is traveling!

Vanessa Greening

Vanessa Greening
Administrative Assistant

250-635-6511 Ext. 5451

Vanessa Greening is a loving wife and a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to a sweet granddaughter. Vanessa is passionate when it comes to her family and therefore was a stay at home mom so she could raise her girls and spend as much time with them as possible.

Vanessa has worked as an Administrative Assistant and in managerial positions in administration for 16 years.

Vanessa continues to enjoy this path she has chosen, as she has had many great experiences working in this field. Vanessa has now been with the college in term positions for the past 4 years as an Administrative Assistant and it has been, by far, the best experience she has had. Vanessa looks forward to advancing her skillset while continuing to work with her colleagues on a full-time basis.

When Vanessa is not working she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Vanessa loves going to the gym, walking, spending time with her fur babies, camping, or just sitting in the backyard by a campfire.

Veronica Chinchilla3

Veronica Chinchilla
Learning Technologist

250.635.6511 Ext. 5430

Veronica Chinchilla holds a degree in Computer Science, has extensive experience in the customer service field.  Her principle belief of client relations is to treat others the way one would like to be treated, with respect, professionalism, and exceeding client expectations whenever possible. 

Veronica has been an instructor with CMTN's Career & College Prep program and has a full understanding of the challenges instructors may experience with technology.  

As Learning Technologist, Veronica will provide timely front-line support to our faculty, meeting their needs to deliver excellent educational experiences. She understands the impacts technology can have on the experience of our students and  will always respond quickly to requests with the students’ learning goals in mind.  

One of the challenges she has mastered is serving faculty and staff members across campuses, who require assistance within the same timelines for troubleshooting.  

Technology will continue to expand, and matching technology with our institutional needs will be the key to providing students with an experiential and transformative education.  

Veronica enjoys spending time outdoors with her friends, family and her little nieces and nephews.  

Adam2Adam Nash
Learning Transformation Specialist

250-635-6511 Ext. 5234

The seeds of my career in learning began as a restless student, gazing out the window, longing for adventure… and the recess bell to ring. During this time, my curiosity and desire to explore and learn was often cultivated outside of the traditional classroom. It wasn’t until after high school that I realized learning was bigger than my restless self had first encountered.

My journey in post secondary education began with a diploma in Ski Resort Management, was furthered with an undergrad in Outdoor Leadership and an MA in Environmental Education and Communication. Formal education helped to shape a strong foundation in experiential learning. And with this learning grew an openness to seeing educational possibilities both inside and beyond our classrooms with four walls.

Vocationally, I have previous global and diverse experiences teaching and facilitating groups, working with at-risk youth, and working toward positive social change. When I am not on the clock, I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy baking bread, biking, hiking, skiing, and questing to make and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

Jenny Mao

Jenny Mao
Learning Transformation Specialist

250-635-6511 Ext.

Jenny Mao, an accomplished English as an Additional Language (EAL) educator and researcher with a Ph.D. in Education. With extensive experience teaching and researching academic writing challenges faced by international students in Canadian higher education, Jenny is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that promotes learner agency and adaptability to the Canadian context.

As an immigrant to Canada, Jenny intimately understands the challenges that newcomers encounter and is deeply committed to helping them enhance their language skills and abilities. Whether working one-on-one or in small group settings, Jenny is passionate about supporting newcomers and exploring community resources to facilitate their integration into Canadian society.

When not at work, Jenny and her family enjoy spending time in nature, whether hiking in forests, strolling along beaches, or practicing yoga. For Jenny, connecting with the great outdoors is an integral part of her lifestyle, and she also enjoys curling up with a good book in her free time.

Danna Buick

Danna Buick
Learning Transformation Specialist

250-635-6511 Ext.

Danna, an instructor and Learning Transformation Specialist has been at Coast Mountain College since 2015. With a passion for the beauty industry, she was instrumental in teaching the Hairstylist Foundations Program since its inception and has inspired and empowered a fantastic group of learners. Her commitment to student success is evident as she continuously strives to provide authentic learning opportunities that help learners apply their knowledge effectively.

As a Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) specialist, Danna is a relationship builder and collaborator. She works to establish strong partnerships with organizations in the region and raise awareness of the talented student body at CMTN.

Danna's list of credentials includes a Red Seal in Hairstyling, a Vidal Sassoon Educator Certificate, a Provincial Instructor Diploma, and a Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology. Currently, she is completing her Master of Education in Open, Digital, and Distance Education. Prior to joining CMTN, she owned and operated a successful business as a sole proprietor for many years.

Danna's dedication to the field of education extends beyond her work at CMTN. She participates in the Hairstylist Articulation Committee, and has collaborated with others to create open educational resources that are housed in the BC Trades repository, accessible to all public post-secondary schools. She is also an active member of the Educational Technology Users Group and ACE-WIL BC.

When not working or learning, Danna enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and large dog, Cooper. A proud resident of Kitimat, she has raised her family there and is committed to giving back to her community.

Adrienne Hemmons

Adrienne Hemmons
Field Technician

250-635-6511 Ext.

“Adrienne is our field technician, hired to assist instructors facilitate field schools during the summer semester. Adrienne is a former student of Coast Mountain College, and is thrilled to be part of the CoLT team. Adrienne hopes to help recreate the same experience that experiential learning provided her while studying at CMTN, as she believes that left the largest impact from her time at CMTN.

With having worked in project management and material logistics in construction and mining for the past 8 years, Adrienne went back to school as a mature student to follow her passion for sustainability and social impact in small communities. Adrienne recently completed her business undergrad in sustainability and innovation from Royal Roads University through a project-based model. As an avid learner does, she is already researching the next academic program to commit to.

Adrienne is a born and bred north coast local, who deeply values conscious consumption, consumer impact and supporting anything local. If Adrienne isn’t working, you can find her planning the next big adventure, enjoying seasonal sports like biking, skiing, foraging, cooking, and herding her chickens out of her neighbor’s yard.”