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Contact North BC, a collaboration between Coast Mountain College and Indigenous communities in northwest BC, was created with the goal of expanding post-secondary access for Indigenous students living in remote and rural areas.

CMTN and its First Nations Council identified the opportunity for the government of British Columbia to offer a similar project to Ontario’s provincially funded online learning support organization, Contact North/Nord.

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The goals of the three-year pilot project are:


  • Increase participation in education and training opportunities by residents of the 28 identified First Nation communities, organizations and underserved communities.
  • Provide local access within the First Nation communities to a broader selection of online education and training options.
  • Offer local academic and career support services to CMTN students those students studying within community.
  • Develop and nurture relationships, partnerships and collaboration with First Nation communities and with BC post-secondary Colleges and Universities. 

This three-year pilot involves establishing community online learning centres in 28 First Nation communities, across northwest British Columbia to support local residents to participate in online and distance education programs and courses without having to leave their community. Students can access a host of support services at each online learning centre, provided by locally trained staff.

Learning Centres

To access a Contact North BC Learning Centre and its academic and career supports, please contact your local Education Coordinator for more details and information pertaining to your communities Centre.  

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Contact North

Maude Louie
Kitselas, Student learner using Contact North BC

"Without community-based resources such as a Contact North BC learning centre and the staff that have encouraged me and supported me, I would not be on my journey to achieving my educational goals.

Through Contact North BC, I am taking pre-requisite courses - math, English, chemistry and biology - to prepare me to register for the Registered Nursing Program at Coast Mountain College"


Kyle Hawyes
CMTN First-year business administration student

When Kyle Hawyes rolled at Coast Mountain College, he never pictured himself designing a board game that would be sold on Amazon and used in classrooms across the country.

Coast Mountain College, Contact North BC and Riipen have partnered to offer paid projects for students.

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Riipen Level UP paid projects

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Coast Mountain College, Contact North BC and Riipen have partnered to offer paid projects for students.

  • Get paid $1,400 per project completed
  • Projects take 80 hours to complete
  • All work is completed from home

The Level UP program is funded by the Canadian federal government through Riipen. The program matches students with employers to complete short-duration (80 hour) projects. Students gain valuable work experience, meet new employers and receive $1,400 when complete. Take a look at the list of projects currently available for eligible applicants. 

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You will interview with employers of the projects you applied to, be accepted and start your project.

Tutor Me

Attending college? Live in northern BC? You may be eligible for free online tutoring support.

Coast Mountain College, Contact North BC and Tutor Me have partnered to offer on-demand, real-time access to tutors offering support in 300+ course subjects including a virtual writing Centre.

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Career Mentoring

Attending college? Live in northern BC? Access online mentoring services.

Students spend years in school, preparing for careers they may later realize was not their true aspiration or talent. Others find themselves in occupations that are undergoing significant change -disruption. Had they had some good advice from an industry profession early on, they may have made important adjustments to their studies, saving time and money.

Career mentoring support can help fill this gap. Ask the questions. We’ll help you find the answers. 

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For more information on Contact North BC services and supports, contact:

Bridie O’ Brien, MBA

President & CEO, Contact North BC
c. 250.643.8768