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Certified Residential Interior Design (Ed2Go)

The online Residential Interior Design Education (R.I.D.E.) program is available to both aspiring designing individuals and interior designers who are wanting to increase their education, career opportunities, and professional status in the interior design industry. The R.I.D.E. certification trains new designers and increases the credentials for designers in current practice. This program will not only give you the basic skills and background you need to start working as an interior home designer, but the R.I.D.E. credential will also increase your status with potential clients.

You will explore the cornerstones of professional design, discover how to plan both visually appealing and functional spaces, and study how interior design has evolved throughout history.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about various design styles and movements throughout history
  • Understand basic elements involved in residential interior design projects
  • Understand steps required to work as a residential interior designer and start your own design business
  • Develop skills in creating a design concept and floor plan for residential interior design projects

Upon completion of this program, you will take the Residential Interior Designer Exam (R.I.D.E.) as the final.

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