• Jeremy-Bissett

Jeremy Bissett

College Professor & Learning Assistance Specialist
Residing campus
  • Terrace

Jay came into the world of education by following his desires to support young adults struggling with mainstream education …. just like himself!

My relationship to learning first blossomed during my time as a student of Outdoor Recreation. I was allowed to explore experiential place-based learning and became excited to dive into innovative approaches to learning. After finding success in my own learning journey I was eager to find a way to support others as well.

After graduation, I found myself working with at-risk youth at an alternative wilderness based high school. This experience solidified my passion for supporting students to build healthier relationships with learning.

Jay has been with Coast Mountain College for the last year in a variety of teaching and student support roles. He is excited to continue learning from the people and the places around him.

Outside of work, Jay will be exploring the rivers, valleys, and mountains by skis, legs or bikes.