Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Field School combines two courses, Introduction to the Criminal Justice System and Forensic Psychology, in a compressed, 2-week format.

Explore the criminal justice system, and investigate, evaluate, and apply psychological and sociological research to areas such as lie detection, police interrogations, criminal profiling, racial profiling, murdered/missing Indigenous women/girls, wrongful convictions, and mental health and the criminal justice system.

Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of crime scene investigation and evidence collection and participate in a mock trial at the local Terrace Courthouse.

Courses | 6 credits

  • CRIM 131 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • PSYC 240 - Forensic Psychology


Admission requirements

*In some cases, pre-requisites may be waived. POI form is required for all applicants.

Seats are limited.

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Dates and locations

Terrace: May 2-14, 2022

Program fees

Domestic   International   
 Field trip fee  $75.00  Field trip fee  $75.00
 CRIM 131  $319.17  CRIM 131  $1,306.71 
 PSYC 240   $319.17  PSYC 240   $1,306.71
 Student Union fees  $41.99  Student Union Fees  $41.99
 Total   $755.33   Total   $2,730.41


Non-refundable deposit due at registration: $115

Full tuition is due 10 business days before start.

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