Video Game Design & Development (Ed2Go)

Video game designers have next-level creativity and a passion for storytelling. Whether you are an enthusiastic gamer exploring this as a hobby or a design professional looking to expand your career opportunities, this game design course will help you discover new and unique ways to approach video game design and development. You will upgrade your ability to conceptualize, design, and develop your games so you can tackle more complex projects where every detail matters.

During your video game design training, you will learn programming languages, mathematics skills, game asset creation, modern real-time game engines, and general game development techniques. You will gain skills for creating your own textured and lit real-time 3D scenes. By the end of this game design course, you will have built three complete games: a 3D arcade game, a first-person adventure, and a custom game of your own.

In this demanding and growing world of video games, you need to continuously learn video game design to ensure your technical skills are up to date. This comprehensive game design course will challenge you to conjure up intricate worlds and narratives, so you can be competitive and thrive in this in-demand industry.

What you will learn:

  • Develop a strong foundation in programming languages
  • Discover how to design and create video games for PC
  • Understand the technical and aesthetic fundamentals for creating a successful game
  • Become proficient in mathematical concepts common across different game projects
  • Embark on an independent study module during which you will create your own game
  • Gain skills for creating your own textured and lit real-time 3D scenes that can be experienced in modern game engines

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This online training program is offered online in partnership with ED2GO online. For steps on how to register, please visit the Register for Continuing Studies page.