Horse Care Management (Ed2Go)

Horse Care Management teaches the principles of equine husbandry and a practical knowledge of horse care management skills. This comprehensive course is perfect for individuals interested in horses, horse care, or starting a career in the horse industry.

A fundamental key to success in the horse industry is having extensive knowledge of the horse. This Horse Care Management course will provide you with a comprehensive study of equine science and the practical application of these scientific concepts. The course consists of three basic horse care modules and an elective module in your choice of Equine Behavior or Horse Breeding. You will learn several facets of horse care and horse management, including daily care, handling techniques, and training principles. You will also be encouraged to complete activities on your own in the horse industry designed to enhance and reinforce the lesson's principles if they are undertaken. Completing this intensive course will prove your dedication to the well-being of horses and affirm that you have met an industry-standard level of proficiency.

What you will learn:

  • Basic principles of equine husbandry practices.
  • A broad knowledge of horse care for both the stabled horse and horse kept on grass.
  • Proper management of the health and condition of horses in various situations and conditions.
  • A deeper understanding of horse behavior as well as practical skills in properly handling and training horses.
  • A practical knowledge of various aspects of horse breeding, as well as the importance of genetics and selective breeding.

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