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CMTN requires its students to complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine in the Vancouver area. Review our requirements and guidelines in full detail here:

Are you prepared for the risks of travelling during this time of COVID-19? (Health, not guaranteed entrance to Canada, financial)*

Are you prepared to bear all costs of travel and quarantine in Vancouver? This will include flights, government designated hotel costs, additional accommodation costs, possible extension of 14 day quarantine due to Day 8 COVID-19 test result delays, meals and necessities of life?*

Are you prepared for all COVID-19 testing requirements (pre-departure, upon arrival, and Day 8 of your quarantine)?*

Are you prepared to continue or begin any coursework during your quarantine and will travel with all necessary technology? (Laptop is strongly recommended) Your quarantine period will not exempt you from any assignments, lectures, quizzes, etc.*

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