Vera Liubomudrova

BEd, Masters of Economics
Residing campus
  • Terrace

My name is Vera Liubomudrova. I am a part-time Link to Employment and Academic Pathways (LEAP) Department instructor. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to Canada six years ago with my husband and son. I traded the view of traffic jams for stunning mountains and beautiful wilderness and continue to enjoy it every day.

I studied Economics at university, and after some years of experience in the business sector, got a second degree in Education and worked as a teacher in a middle school. Apart from teaching at the college, I also work as an English Language Instructor at Skeena Diversity Society.

I like to learn my students' life perspectives, create lessons that engage them, and see them overcome challenges, and grow. I like to spend my free time skiing when it snows, hiking when the sun is shining warmly, and walking with my two dogs, which happens in any weather conditions.