• Mercedes

Mercedes de la Nuez

Residing campus
  • Prince Rupert

I have lived on the North coast for most of my life, with a brief stint on Vancouver Island and in South Korea; there are lots of great places to live in this world and province, but I always return to the north because it feels right.

I have been at Coast Mountain College for almost 20 years teaching fundamental to provincial math and English. I am excited to be delivering my courses online this semester; it has reminded me of how uncomfortable it can feel to learn something new. I am doing my best to adapt and look forward to supporting students in doing the same.

Math and English are important in my daily life. You will find me in the grocery store estimating my total bill, calculating how many 2 x 6 x12 ft. to buy for replacing my deck or how much fabric to cut for a quilt pattern. I believe math is a necessary life skill that strengthens one’s confidence and independence. Additionally, I grew up in a house where grammar was frequently corrected both orally and in writing. When I was away at university, my mom would return my letters corrected. My roommates were horrified, but she and I found it entertaining. To this day, I see the value in proof reading and refuse to use ‘u’ or ‘i’ in my texts or emails.

When I am not teaching, I split my time between my couch with a good book, road tripping with family and home maintenance.