Life in the Oceans

Life in the oceans

A journey that will take you from inter-tidal zones to the wide-open ocean to witness the range of life in between.

Learn about coastlines and estuarine regions of northern BC to understand the complex interaction of local ecosystems. Study abiotic factors, primary producers and top predators of our local oceans.

Life in the oceans combines biological oceanography and ecology in this two-week intensive field course.

Courses | 6 credits

  • OCGY 209 - Introduction to Biological Oceanography
  • OCGY 210 - Methods of Monitoring the Marine Environment


Admission requirements

Dates and locations

May 1 - May 12, 2023

Prince Rupert

Program fees

Domestic   International   
 Field trip fee  $250.00  Field trip fee  $250.00 
 OCGY 209  $325.53  OCGY 209  $1,285.41
 OCGY 210  $325.53  OCGY 210  $1,285.41
 Student Union fees  $43.64  Student Union Fees  $43.64
 Total   $994.70   Total   $2,864.46


Fees effective for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Non-refundable deposit due at registration: $150.00

Full tuition is due by April 17, 2023