Career & Professional Development

Introduction to Non-Profit Management

This 24 hour course develops students' skills and knowledge for the management of non-profit organizations.  The course has been developed in response to the need expressed, by many working in and for the voluntary sector, to have an accessible overview of the main issues affecting the volunteer sector. 

Topics include:

  • understanding the non-profit sector in context
  • flow to board governance
  • strategic planning
  • financial management
  • human resources management
  • fundraising
  • marketing and public relations
  • evaluation
  • leading and managing in the non-profit sector and volunteer management

Each topic is designed to build on the next and will offer students, at the end of the course, an understanding of the basics of each module.

Workshop Schedule

  •   Topic 
     Week 1  Introduction & NPO Board Government & Meetings
     Week 2  Strategic Planning for Non-Profits: Building Your Future
     Week 3  Financial Management, Accountability & Ethics: Show me the Money
     Week 4  Managing People & Volunteers: Herding Cats or HR Management 
     Week 5  Marketing & Public Relations: Putting your Best Foot Forward
     Week 6  Fundraising & Resource Development: The Art of the Ask
     Week 7  NPO Legal aspect & Workshop Series Wrap-up

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Campuses offered:
  • Terrace
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