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Nakkita Trimble-Wilson

Coordinator / Instructor First Nations Fine Arts
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“Art can be a healing access point to enter into and to share your voice with the audience.”– Nakkita Trimble

Nakkita has been a practicing artist since 2007. She obtained her Masters of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University in 2020. Nakkita is also an alumni of the Freda Diesing Program and completed her undergrad at the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, Alberta.

Nakkita Trimble has been instrumental in the re-claiming of Nisga’a tattooing methods of skin stitching and hand poking – techniques her ancestors would have used. Her tattoo apprenticeship began in 2011 in a tattoo shop where she learned on a coil machine, eventually using a rotary. Now Nakkita practices freestyle tattooing done with needle and ink. Nakkita’s first exhibit was a solo-exhibit at the Nisga’a Museum in Grenville, British Columbia in 2014. The exhibit featured the oral history of Nisga’a Tattooing prior to contact. In 2018 APTN aired a Skindigenous series featuring Nakkita in an episode. June 2018 the Bill Ried Gallery opened the group tattooing exhibition Body Language: Reawakening Cultural Tattooing of the Northwest. This exhibit has since been travelling all across Canada and in November 2022 the exhibition had its first internationally opening at the Burke Museum in Seattle.

Nakkita’s work has been featured widely in public presentations, on various radio stations and in print publications. In 2018 she won the BC First Nations Art Fulmer Award, which recognizes artists for excellence in their craft.   

Most recently, Nakkita Trimble has published chapters in two books: The Transforming Image: The Transforming Image, 2nd Ed. (2022) and Where the Power Is: Indigenous Perspectives on Northwest Coast Art (2021).

Nakkita Trimble

Coordinator / Instructor First Nation Fine Arts
Residing campus
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