General awards application form

Please read the criteria of the award(s) you are applying for to determine if you are eligible before submitting an application. 

In most cases, applicants must be domestic (i.e. Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee) to be eligible. International students need to use the International Category filter to determine eligibility as opportunities are limited at this time.

Due to the volume of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted. Any award over $500 is subject to a T4A and students will need to claim this amount as income on their tax return.

Are you a Canadian Citizen?

Are you a Resident of BC?

Are you a Landed Immigrant, Permanent Resident or Protected Person?

Are you an Indigenous Student?

Are you studying full-time? This is defined as enrolled in a 60-100% course-load or 40% min for students who have a Person with Disability designation.

Marital Status

Age(s) of child dependent(s):

Do you live in your parent's home ?

Do you live in the CMTN dorms ?

If an award you are applying for requires the submission of additional documents, such as an essay, letter of recommendation, etc., email your documents to our Financial Aid Office at

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the CMTN Awards Committee.

Monthly Income (during your study period)

Add all sources of monthly income to equal Total Monthly Income.

Monthly Living Expenses (during your study period)

Add all sources of monthly living expenses to equal Total Monthly Living Expenses.

School Expenses (during your study period)

Add tuition, fees, books, supplies and other to equal the subtotal.
Enter the # of months of your study period (ex: Sept-Dec=4, Sept-Apr=8).
Divide the Total School Expenses Subtotal by the # Months in Study Period to equal Total Monthly School Expenses.
Please see the following :

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