About tutoring at Coast Mountain College.

Become a tutor 

Coast Mountain College strives to provide learning support to all students in all subject areas, so we need your help!   Tutors may be responsible for leading weekly, drop-in study group sessions in their subject area and/ providing one-on-one support.

  • Flexible hours.  You can commit as many or as few hours as you have time for in a week.  
  • Flexible schedule.  Your study group and tutor sessions will be scheduled at times that work for you.   
  • Positions are paid hourly based on your level of completed education and experience with tutoring or teaching; however, no experience is necessary.
  • Key characteristics include a desire to support students in their learning, a wish to expand your skills as a tutor, good time management and communication and organizational skills.

Materials and equipment needed

  • Laptop or ipad, camera, microphone, calculator (if applicable)
  • Bluejeans account (provided)
  • Paper, markers and whiteboard 

How to apply

To express interest in becoming a Tutor, please submit a completed Tutor Application Form along with your resume to Kezia Sinkewicz at ksinkewicz@coastmountaincollege.ca.

Request a tutor

Are you struggling with your course content?  It's easy to apply for a tutor - just complete the fillable Tutor Request Form! 

Once your application is received, you will be placed with a tutor in the subject area(s) you requested.  The tutor will contact you to set up a mutually good time to meet.  All tutoring will be done virtually using Bluejeans. 

While we strive to provide tutors in most subject areas, it’s not always possible.  If there is no tutor in the subject area you need, you may be referred to Learning Assistance or your instructor to receive assistance while a tutor is located.  

Tutor hours are limited, so we also recommend that you:

  • Connect with your instructor for additional support
  • Connect with classmates or form a study group
  • Make an appointment with a Learning Assistant Specialist

Tutor Me

Online tutoring support.

Are you looking for academic support from an online tutor? Do you need help editing a report you have written? With quick and easy registration, you can have free online, on-demand, real-time access  tutors offering support in 300+ course subjects including a virtual writing Centre. This pilot project tutoring service is available to all Coast Mountain College students.

Please click the Q&A link and follow the steps to register and access tutoring: www.Q-AIO.ca

Learn more about the Tutor Me program:

Technology support

Are you struggling with technology or looking to improve your computer skills? 

Funding is available for eligible registered students to take the following courses:

For more information and to discuss your eligibility contact Kezia at ksinkewicz@coastmountaincollege.ca