Border entry

Reduce wait times at the Vancouver International Airport

To reduce your wait times at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), you can fill out the online form on the Voluntary Compliance Portal (VC portal) prior to your arrival.

This program is only available for those who have a study permit approved (not work permit) at this time. By filling out the online form, your relevant information will be sent to the Canada Border Services Agency for review by a Border Services Officer. Once completed, your study permit will be printed before you arrive at YVR. This will decrease your wait times at the Canadian border when you arrive at YVR.  

The use of VC portal is voluntary, meaning it is optional. If you choose not to use the VC portal, it will NOT negatively affect your entry to Canada. However, filling out the form will not guarantee your entry either. You will still need to go through the regular admissibility process and safety screening by border security upon your arrival.

Are you eligible to use the VC portal?

You are eligible to use the VC portal only if you meet ALL criteria below:

1. Point of entry

Your first Canadian point of entry must be at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), not Toronto Pearson International Airport, or any other airports in CanadaFor example, if you are arriving in Canada at the Toronto Pearson International Airport and have a connecting flight via Vancouver International Airport (YVR) flying to Terrace, then YVR is not your first Canadian point of entry. You won’t be eligible in this case.

2. Pre-approved study permit

You must have a pre-approved study permit application from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The document also known as Point of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction or Study Permit Approval Letter. To view a sample POE Letter go to the Resources section below.Note: Student who has approved for both study permit along with co-op work permit will be eligible to participate as well. 

3. Application deadline

You must submit all the mandatory information through the VC Portal website at least 72 hours (three full days) prior to your arrival.

Information needed for the VC portal

Mandatory information 

  • Unique Client Identifier (UCI)
    • Can be found on your study permit approval letter/POE Letter of introduction issued by IRCC. 
  • Last name
  • Planned date of arrival in Vancouver
  • Arriving flight number

Optional information

  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Passport country of issue


You are highly encouraged to participate in this pilot program. It will limit congestion and shorten wait times at the airport for enhanced safety purposes. Your information will only be sent to the CBSA directly at YVR.