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Cultural Awareness Series | Anti-racism Workshops with Jo Chrona

Discussions will revolve around how to create an anti-racist society. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021
3:00 to 5:00 pm

Virtual - link to be provided.

*Note that all sessions must be attended to receive the certificate.

Open to faculty & staff of Coast Mountain College.

Workshop series

  • Monday, Oct 4
  • Wednesday, Nov 3
  • Tuesday, Nov 16
  • Tuesday, Nov 23
  • Monday, Dec 6

Facilitator: Jo Chrona


In these sessions, we briefly examine: 

  • The difference between “not being racist” and “being anti-racist”
  • What it can mean to unpack our biases and move from fear to growth 
  • How we can understand the role of privilege in anti-racism work 
  • In becoming anti-racist, how we move from fear to growth 
  • “Racial gaslighting” and how we avoid perpetuating this 

As we respond to the Recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, we continue to engage in challenging conversations about Indigenous-specific systemic racism and also discuss: 

  • What Indigenous-specific racism looks like in our education systems 
  • How we disrupt what is not working to ensure a responsive system for Indigenous learners 

Our next steps in our learning to help create an education system that effectively responds to Indigenous learners, families and communities. 


For more information contact Ali McDougall at amcdougall@coastmountaincollege.ca

Nov 23, 2021
How to find us: Online
Starts at:03:00 PM

Ends at: 05:00 PM

On-demand training

The following workshops are available on-demand. Please contact Kāshā at kasha@coastmountaincollege.ca to express your interest.

Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety

Cultural Safety Planning with Nahanee Creative Inc.

*Unfacilitated option.

Online with intro and debrief sessions.

Available on-demand (available 3 days for group from log-in)

Learn more: decolonizeeverything.org/cultural-safety

Ripple Effect of Resilience: An Indigenous Perspective

With Monique Gray Smith, author, speaker & consultant

Self-directed session that consists of six modules.

Includes group mentoring times with Monique.

Learn more: moniquegraysmith.com/products/the-ripple-effect-of-resilience-book