The Aboriginal, Course, Program Articulation Committee (ACPAC) was created to advise and guide Coast Mountain College in incorporating First Nations culture and knowledge into courses and programs.

For all new and revised programs and courses, ACPAC will examine whether the course/program incorporates an appropriate degree of Aboriginal knowledge, culture, and/or pedagogy. If it does not, ACPAC will review, with the developer, how the course/program can include both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal knowledge, culture and/or pedagogy.

Should ACPAC recommend that the course/program incorporate additional Aboriginal knowledge, culture, and/or pedagogy, ACPAC will offer suggestions to the developer and will refer the developer to specific resources as identified by First Nations Council and supported through the Centre for Learning Transformation (COLT).

When possible, ACPAC will also assign a mentor to guide and assist with curriculum development. At present, the ACPAC committee composition includes three voting members from First Nations Council (FNC) and one Aboriginal student-voting member, as well as representatives from college faculties and relevant administrative departments.

ACPAC conducts open meetings to encourage input from everyone; only members are eligible to vote.