2019 Learning Symposium

The 2019 Symposium: Learning Transformation was hosted on October 25, 2019, at Coast Mountain College in Terrace, BC. View a video of Jay Roberts, Keynote Speaker:


With an emphasis on experiential place-based learning, the  Symposium focused on the transformation of our approaches and practice to teaching and learning. Participants and presenters from K-12 and post-secondary were invited to attend.

Keynote Speaker Jay Roberts presents Risky Teaching: How our students’ success depends on our willingness to fail. Dr. Jay Roberts is an Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of Education at Earlham College.

The topic of Dr. Robert's presentation: As educators, we are often socialized into a system that fears failure and seeks to avoid uncertainty. Yet, the world we live in and the one our students will inherit is full of complex, unscripted problems where the answers are not immediately known and the consequences matter. How might we best prepare students for such a future? What teaching and learning methodologies should be in our toolbox? What new knowledge, skills, and aptitudes must we acquire? In this address, we will explore the transformative power and potential of risky teaching— in its various forms and methodologies. Using examples from across the K-16 educational sector, we will consider how we can take more risks as teachers and, as a consequence, experience learning transformation.